Are you looking to transfer multiple files from your smartphone or computer to a friend? It’s possible. Don’t use data cables that require time to transfer information. Also, you can use Bluetooth flash disks, flash disks as well as portable hard disks for sending the file.

You need a simple method to save time and let you focus on your other things. What’s the best method of sending files from your mobile or computer to another? It’s the easiest and fastest method you can transfer files with your mobile or laptop.

I am sure you are already familiar Xender the application for mobile devices. It’s not only designed specifically for Android as well as iOS devices, but also for devices such as computers that utilize windows in their day-to-day tasks. In this article you will learn about the pros, features and pros and cons of Xender. In addition, learn how to download Xender to your computer to run Windows 10.

Specifications in Xender in Windows 10 PCs

  • The speed of transfer for files is very fast. If you’ve got large files that you want to transfer between yourself and your partner, you aren’t required to worry about transfer speed. In some cases, the speed can reach 40 megabits/second.
  • With Xender it is only necessary to download the application for your iOS, Android, or Windows device.
  • Wireless connection. You don’t need cables or the internet in order to move your documents. If you want to transfer data to use the app? You can get or send any file any time, anywhere.
  • Share Everything. Xender does not restrict users to what kind of file to transfer or send. It’s possible to share any information.
  • Make connections to all devices. Are you curious about whether you could transfer an image from your PC to mobile devices or reverse the process? With Xender it is possible to transfer or receive data on any device. It could be from iOS or PC to Android or from a PC to Android. It’s possible.
  • Different languages. Not everyone speaks English. Therefore, Xender lets you to select the language of your preference so that you can transfer files.


  • User-friendly Design
  • Files you share
  • Speedy transfer speeds
  • Free


  • Modifications are required over a short time
  • It is difficult to find other devices

Xender for Windows 10 & Xender For PC Free Download

To share files quickly for quick file sharing, you must have Xender installed on your PC. Below are some methods to download Xender to use on Windows 10 on your Windows 10 PC.

Utilizing Bluestacks Android Emulator is the most efficient method to utilize Xender for Computers. So let’s go over the process.

  1. Get Bluestacks, the Free Bluestacks Emulator. Downloading and installing Bluestacks takes some time therefore please take your time.It will take some time to download and install.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, you can install Bluestacks for Windows 10 and then begin to launch it.
  3. Extra Tips: If you encounter any issues while installation of the Bluestacks emulator, then you can try any alternatives to Bluestacks alternatives.
  4. When you launch Bluestacks after which you have to finish the process by signing in to the details of your Google Account. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to be able to access the Google Play Store and look for Xender.
  5. Similar to the phone you have iOS, Windows, or Android phone, your device will download and install it self.
  6. The Xender app will be available on your Bluestacks. To open it, just click it to share and open documents from your PC to another or mobile phone that is nearby.

How do I install Xender within Bluestacks Software?

  • Open Bluestacks and select to open the Xender App.
  • Xender will be launched.
  • Connect your computer to another phone or PC.
  • Instantly share or receive files when pairing is completed.

Bluestacks is the most efficient way to download Xender for the Windows 10 PC. It is compatible with all PCs and can save on time whenever you need to transfer or share files.

As an main website for Xender You can download Xender on any device, including Android, iOS, PC and Mac. To get access to Xender on Windows 10, click on Xender Web.

Xender is the most efficient method to transfer your data from your computer to a mobile or other device. However, the biggest challenge for users is finding most suitable location where they can download Xender for no cost. FileHippo is among the sites that allows you to download Xender at no cost.

  • Find Filehorse in your web browser.
  • Go to the official Filehorse site
  • Click on the Search tab, and then type in Xender.
  • Select Xender after which you can download a free version.
  • Make sure to wait until the download is completed
  • Install the Xender software on your computer and begin an online transfer of data

One of the most free sites that allows you to download Xender can be found at CNET. With thousands of applications, that you can download Xender to on your Windows 10 PC.

  • The first step is to visit the official Download site
  • Find Xender
  • Click on Xender
  • You will be taken to the Windows shop to keep the download of Xender

Locating Windows 10 Apps is tedious often. Through SoftAlien you can download any Windows application you’d like. You can, for instance, download Xender through SoftAlien.

Why should you download Xender on Windows 10 PC?

Why spend so much time to send or receive information? With Xender it’s easy for data transfer from one computer to another, or from a PC to a mobile phone. So , why do we need data cables? Download Xender for fast and safe transfer of data.

It is also possible to explore similar apps such as Shareit, which is available for Windows 10.

Bluestacks isn’t one of the few Android emulator that you can use to download Xender to your computer. There are other emulators like:

Therefore, if you wish to download or share files on your computer. Make use of any of the Android emulators running Windows 10 to download Xender for your device. Don’t let the slow methods for sharing files let you down. Utilize Xender on your computer to download any size file anytime. XenderSoftware Name5.8.00.896Software Version151.00 KBFile SizeWindows 10, Windows 7, MACRequires47484No. of Downloads4.8Rating

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