Are you looking at ways of downloading SHAREit on your computer? Everyone knows that you can use SHAREit with mobile phones and other devices, where you can share audio files and access all the files you need in one go. Now you can download SHAREit for your PC Windows 10/7/8.1. Most people only use Shareit as a mobile app, however you can now access it from your computer. Through a wireless connection, Shareit can establish an instant connection between two computers. This means that it is possible to transfer data from one PC to the other without the need for establishing the LAN connection. Are you planning to Download Shareit for your PC? Are you unsure how to connect Shareit for your Windows PC? If the answer is yes, then we’re here to assist you.

If you continue reading this post, we’ll discuss two methods to download Shareit to your computer. In addition, we will describe some of the most popular features of the app. We will also provide a brief tutorial on the use of SHAREit on PC. But, let’s talk about Shareit beginning. This will give you an idea of the entire subject. Let’s dive to the subject without spending lots of time.

SHAREit is a file sharing app that can be used for sending files to two different devices within two seconds. Through this app you’ll be able to share the files on to another devices quickly.

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Download SHAREit for your PC

NameSHAREit 6.2.88_ww
Size31.6 MB
RequirementsWindows 7/8/8.1/10 (Works on all Versions)
AuthorLenovo Inc.

How do I download SHAREit for PC or Laptop from the SHAREit’s Official Website

Here are the ways to get SHAREit to your personal computer.

  1. Go to the SHAREit website To begin, you need to visit the website for SHAREit. SHAREit.
  2. Download the installer When you go to the SHAREit official site, you’ll be able to see an Windows button. Click it and Shareit’s Windows version will be downloaded to your PC.
  3. Run installer When the SHAREit.exe file has been downloaded to your computer, double click it. A pop-up window will now appear on the screen of your computer In the popup menu choose the Run button!
  4. Continue with installation A new pop-up will pop up, where you need to click”Yes!. After that, click the Accept button, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.

That’s it. The steps below are the ones that you must take to download SHAREit on your PC. Let’s go to the next part in which we’ll be discussing the steps to download Shareit in Mac. Here’s the procedure: Shareit Download Official Link Download SHAREit Direct Link

Also download:

How do you download Shareit on Mac

  • First, visit the website for SHAREit. SHAREit.
  • On the homepage you’ll see the Mac button. Select it and the download begins.
  • After the file has been downloaded, double-click on it.
  • Accept the license agreement and follow the instructions on screen. This is it, now you’re ready to access SHAREit in the Mac computer.

The steps below are to download SHAREit on PC as well as a brief installation guide. Let’s now move on to the next question, which is “How do I install Shareit on your PC?”. In case you’re having the same problem you’re thinking about. Read on to find out:

How do I utilize SHAREit on a PC

  • Then, you must launch the application onto the PC as well as Mac computer.
  • After you open the app, Shareit automatically starts looking for a connection to SHAREit. If you’ve got SHAREit downloaded on your phone then you can open it.
  • After that, from the app on your smartphone choose between Send or the option to receive. When you have selected one of these options the app will establish an internet connection.
  • From your desktop application, search for connections that are coming up If there is one, choose it. Both devices are connected to one the other, so you can choose the files you would like to share or send.

That’s all you need to do to install SHAREit for your computer. Before you go off this page, let us show you some of the most popular attributes of the app.

Top features of SHAREit

  • The first thing to note is that SHAREit is an absolutely free for use app.
  • Shareit has the ability to create the direct connectivity between computers using wireless connections. This means that you can transfer files from one computer to another without installing an internet connection.
  • SHAREit is a multi-platform application. As a result you’ll be able connect a computer with an Android, iPhone, or windows phone. Connect the Windows computer to an Mac.
  • The speed of transfer with Shareit is pretty fast when as compared to LAN as well as a Bluetooth connection.
  • The tool does not only permit you to share files like Audio, Video or images. With this tool it is possible to share nearly all file types, comprising .exe, .msi, and various other formats of files.

But, we want to help you aware of SHAREit on your PC. Here are some advantages of the app that we believe are worthy of mention. There are also a few negatives which cannot be ignored. Let’s look at them:

SHAREit Pros

  • Share it is clean in its user interface that makes it easy for users to comprehend the app.
  • The program does not require an internet connection to transfer data between devices.
  • It’s a 100% safe app, which means it won’t reveal your personal information.

SHAREit Cons

  • The program is rather unstable and can hang on memory-short devices when transmitting large file.


What is the best way to download SHAREit for my PC?

These are steps for downloading SHAREit for your PC:
Go to the official site of SHAREit or buy it from
If you visit the site you will see the Windows button. Hit this button to the SHAREit’s Windows version will download automatically be downloaded to your computer.
When the SHAREit.exe file has been downloaded onto your PC , double click it.
You will receive an alert on your computer screen. There you will see a button for running. Click it.
A new pop-up will be displayed. Simply click Yes this time.
Click accept on the next screen and follow the instructions to install the app. How do I install SHAREit on my PC?

To make changes to your SHAREit, take these steps:
1. Start SHAREit from the Windows PC to check your current version. It is located on the upper left side of the application.
2. If you are using a web browser, visit the the official website of 7downloads and enter SHAREit in order to download the app. Examine your version with the version on the website to see if you’re using the latest version.
3. If you’re using the older versions, you can click the download button is available on the website to download the most recent version.
4. After the file has finished downloading, visit downloads in your system. Double-click SHAREit to start the installation. SHAREit file to begin the installation.
5. Then, follow the prompts that appear to complete installing the application. Once it is installed it is now possible to run the most recent version SHAREit. Where di I download SHAREit for PC?

You can download the SHAREit website or go to or 7d 7d downloads. Why SHAREit on PC is not working?

Sometimes, if the device you are connecting to doesn’t run the exact version of SHAREit that you are using on you, it could not function. Check that both devices are running the most recent version SHAREit. Do I know how to link SHAREit on PC to mobile?

For connecting SHAREit from your mobile to your PC take these steps:
1. Start the application on your PC.
2. SHAREit is able to automatically look for devices available to pair If you do have SHAREit installed on your phone be sure that it’s activated and ready to connect.
3. On your mobile app, you can choose between Send or Choose to Receive. After you select one of these options it will then create an internet connection.
4. On your desktop application, search for any connection that is coming up and, if it is available, choose it. Once you have done this, you have connected your two devices.


In addition to the file sharing process and the an integrated music and video playback, allowing anyone to whom you transfer or receive an item to play it right away via the SHAREit application. It’s among the top platform for sharing files with the average user, offering speedier file transfer and faster speeds for file transfer while still maintaining quality of files and securing private information which makes it ideal for large file sizes and large files.

SHAREit is a tool for sharing files which allows you to transfer files to two different devices within just a few minutes. It is possible to transfer files to another device easily using this program. Through your file manager it is possible to transfer file, such as large files, audio files, and even original quality. This is all there is to SHAREit on PC. Download the program, but be sure that you don’t download SHAREit for your PC from an external website. ShareIt is now available on both your mobile as well as your PC.

You can transfer large files that have files of up to GB because there’s no limit to size that can be done quickly due to the lightning fast procedure for file transfers. Drag-and-drop file transfers are easy to use, and transfers can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Distance between the devices can have a major impact on rate of transfer. SHAREit’s file transfer technology makes the process of transferring files that was once difficult. You can choose what kind of file you’d like to transfer, however simply tapping the button can initiate the process.

Upgrade to Premium and get more features. One of the top major file-sharing platforms is SHAREit. Make use of this to SHAREit is free on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac for seamless cross-platform file sharing.