If you told me that you would be buying a laptop with a 17-inch screen by 2020, I’d consider you insane. There’s a small selection of laptops that are 17 inches wide and considering how well the 15-inch models are barely worth the time.

This is the case unless you’re talking about the latest Dell XPS 17. In contrast to other 17-inches however, it’s the XPS 17 is more than simply a large screen. It offers speed. Serious performance. It’s the kind that even XPS 15 can’t offer.

I’m hoping for a lot out of a laptop costing close to $3000 and comes equipped with an Nvidia RTX 2060 under the under hood and a massive 17-inch screen, it could be the ultimate creator’s workstation.


17-inch laptops are huge. They’re one of the main reasons they’ve become obsolete. However, Dell’s designers and engineers Dell always put in an effort to ensure that its laptops are as slim as possible. Those principles also apply to Dell’s laptops.

The chassis is just marginally bigger than its predecessor, the MacBook Pro 16-inch in both size and width. It’s not likely to make an improvement when you put it in your bag, even though it has an inch more screen. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the XPS 17 fits into the compartment of my backpack that is designed for laptops with a maximum of 15 inches. That’s impressive.

The display bezels of the laptop are what matter most. With a slimmer border around every side of the display (including the lower chin), it is clear that the XPS 17 is able to reduce its overall footprint. The screen feels encompassing. It’s not as apparent an improvement as the upgrade to earlier models like the XPS 13 to the XPS 15 however, every inch is important. You’ll be grateful for the additional screen, whether you’re gaming or editing videos, or simply scrolling through a web page.

If you’re not often using the mouse, you’ll love the large and comfortable touchpad.

The thickness is the only aspect in which it is the only dimension where MacBook Pro 16-inch is still smaller. Its measurement is 0.64 inches in length and weighs 4.3 pounds. In comparison, the XPS 17 is a bit larger with 0.77 inches, and it weighs 4.65 pounds. It’s 5.53 pounds with the touch screen feature. It’s not lightweight, but the latest Razer Blade Pro 17 is only one-half pound heavier.

But, if you’ve looked at the latest XPS 15, none of the features will shock you. The majority of the design elements have been incorporated into the larger format such as the keyboard, touchpad 16:10 aspect ratio for the display and the carbon fiber weave that is in hand rests.

The touchpad and the keyboard are the highlights. If you’re anything like me and do not often make use of a mouse, then you’ll love the large and responsive touchpad especially. The clicks are quiet and the track is nearly perfect. The loose mechanism on my test unit for the XPS 15 has been resolved in the XPS 17.

Connectivity and ports

To highlight the “pro” quality of this Dell XPS 17, it is equipped with connectivity. It has the four Thunderbolt three ports, with two in each direction. You’ll be able to show output, extremely fast charge speeds, transfer speeds and much more.

There are 2 more Thunderbolt 3 ports than the Dell XPS 15 and even beats with the MacBook Pro 16-inch by including an entire SD card slot. Photographers and videographers are sure to be thrilled.

If you’re using an earlier XPS, MacBook, or even Razer Blade You might be missing old ports. If you require HDMI or USB-A ports it will be necessary to rely on dongles or the Thunderbolt 3 hub.

Its XPS 17 also has Wi-Fi 6 as well as Bluetooth 5, the latest in wireless connectivity. This will ensure solid network performance as well as an efficient Bluetooth connection.


It’s true that the Dell XPS 15 is already an incredible laptop. When I learned that it was possible that the XPS 17 would take things to the next level, I was interested in how this could be accomplished. Since the two laptops share identical processor choices. The base model is equipped with Intel Core i5-10300H and goes from the 8-core Intel Core I9-10980HK.

This Core i5 model only has four cores and integrated graphics, which means you shouldn’t expect anything exceptional regarding performance. It’s priced at $1,372, which is more than the base XPS 15 and paying for a larger screen. Laptops such as LG Gram 17 or the LG Gram 17 or HP Envy 17 adopt this strategy and are still largely specific to the market.

The processor’s performance is nothing you can’t get on smaller laptops, such as that of the Dell XPS 15.

The processor I used in my test unit, was an Intel Core i7-10875H. It’s an eight-core silicon piece. With 32GB of RAM, its XPS 17 pushed some impressive performance on Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R20. It’s 8% faster when running Multi-core Cinebench R20 than the MacBook Pro 16-inch, thanks to its Intel Core i9-9990HK. It’s also ahead by 9% on Geekbench five single core.

Laptops that have an AMD Ryzen 7 3800H or the Intel Core i9-10980HK provide slightly better processor performance. The Core i9 variant of the Dell XPS 17 is coming but it will not be able to bridge the gap. However, the upgraded Core i7 is very powerful even for developers, content creators or designers and everyone who runs applications that are heavy.

However, the processor’s performance is not something you wouldn’t see in the XPS 15. In my opinion, the processor’s performance alone isn’t enough to justify the bigger dimensions and more expensive price for the XPS 17. Its graphics processor is a different matter altogether.

Graphics performance

It’s Dell XPS 17 features a fresh thermal design that utilizes the combination of vapor chambers as well as an engineered airflow system. A better cooling system lets you make utilization of powerful components, such as that of Nvidia’s new RTX 2060. It’s not an impressive graphic card on a notebook that is this slim and light.

The XPS 17 beats the XPS 15’s Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti by 35% using 3DMark Time Spy. In addition, it’s neck-and-neck with the AMD ROG Zephyrus G14 which is a gaming laptop that has the identical RTX 2060 GTX GPU. Contrary to its predecessor, the XPS 15, which has never had the gaming capabilities of the XPS 15 and gaming capabilities, this XPS 17 is a full-blown gaming laptop. It can play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with 41 frames per second (frames every second) at 1080p resolution and Ultra detail, which is a remarkably difficult video game. This is 37% more then that of the XPS 15, and it’s only a couple of frames behind that of the ROG Zephyrus G14.

However, the performance did hold up in light games such as Fortnite that could be played at close to 60 FPS and even 1440p on Epic graphic settings. If you’d like to connect to an external high-resolution monitor, you could get frame rates of up to 116 at 1080p resolution. High-detail settings. Of course, this isn’t the best experience with 4K, but it’s not something that’s surprising.

The XPS 17 held similar frame rates when playing Battlefield V. The 4K resolution isn’t allowed however 1440p gaming was smooth and crisp.

The lack of a faster refresh rate or support for G-Sync is the only aspect not present in gamers. Limiting frame rates and activating V-Sync is the most likely method to play many games to prevent screen tearing, however, it’s not quite as immersive as the gaming experience that you get from a top-end gaming laptop. While I would love that all laptops came with 120Hz or 144Hz displays, we’re not yet there.

But, as mentioned earlier it’s worth noting that the XPS 17 isn’t branded as a gaming laptop and the super-spacious graphics have many other applications. It can slay 3D modeling as well as AutoCAD and is an extremely efficient choice for editing video.

The Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch’s performance does not compare to Dell XPS 17. Dell XPS 17.

I tested some video rendering with Adobe Premiere, which can utilize the full power of the graphics card found on certain laptops. Its XPS 17 was one of the most powerful laptops we tested during our tests, which produces a two-minute video at ProRes 422. The process was completed in five minutes, 47 seconds which beat its predecessor, the XPS 15 by 3 minutes. You could get more of a powerful workstation equipped with the Intel Xeon processor, but both aren’t worthy of a comparison.

The Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch doesn’t compare with the XPS 17 even after its latest graphic card upgrade. The only thing that managed to beat it is that of the Microsoft Surface Book 3 15. The 2-in-1 housed the graphics card inside an entirely separate chassis. It’s not an even fight but it does demonstrate how powerful graphic cards are if the software is designed for it.

The brand new Razer Blade Pro 17 may be superior in terms of video editing tools when it is launched later this year. It comes with similar eight-core processing as the more powerful Nvidia RTX 2080 SuperMax-Q graphics card. I’m not going to know the performance of this card until I try it out for myself however the specs seem promising.

The basic version from the XPS 17, of course, is equipped with integrated Intel graphics, which means you shouldn’t expect it to be a powerful gaming machine. There’s also the option of the Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti graphics card if you’re looking for an extra bit of performance at an affordable price. It’s possible that the GTX1650 Ti version will be a great choice for those who want to play games using medium-detail settings.

Speakers and display

Similar to like Dell XPS 15, the XPS 17 offers two choices in terms of displays. One display is 1,920 x 1200 that is available in the base version. It has more pixels than the standard 1080p screen However, most users will prefer the 3,840×2,400 resolution. It’s close to perfect. It’s the most accurate screen in terms of color I’ve ever seen and its color range can reach 96% within the Adobe RGB color space. It’s not even the MacBook Pro 16-inch can compare even though it’s widely regarded as the best in image quality.

The XPS 17’s display in 4K won’t display a contrast and brightness ratio that is as good as an OLED screen, however, this XPS 17 is no slouch on the subject, either. Contrast ratio of 1530 to 1, which makes it an excellent screen for watching movies and gaming and bringing out a wide range of color depth. At 491 nits, I have never encountered an issue with screen glare when working outdoors.

The grille for the speaker is bigger However, the sound isn’t.

I was looking forward to the remainder of my multimedia experiences with the XPS 17. As with its predecessor, the XPS 15, the speakers are concealed under a set of holes laser-cut into the deck of keyboards. The speaker grille is wider, however, the speaker itself isn’t.

The XPS 17’s sound is similar to the XPS 15, which offers some bass and decently balanced sound quality. It’s superior to many laptops, and even more expensive options such as Razer Blade Pro 17. Razer Blade Pro 17. However, can they have a chance to compete with MacBook Pro 16-inch? MacBook Pro 16-inch, or even the MacBook Air? It’s not possible. The bass and the richness of the audio quality isn’t there.

Battery life

I wasn’t expecting to see the Dell XPS 17 provide long-lasting battery longevity. Many laptops equipped with 4K displays aren’t able to last for long on one charge, and two inches more screen isn’t going to aid in the process. I hadn’t anticipated it to be really this horrible, but it is.

Despite having a huge battery with a 97 watt-hour capacity, however, its XPS 17 only lasted around four and a half minutes for my usual day-to-day use. My workflow isn’t too heavy, mainly consisting of web-based applications with dozens of tabs and a few audio or video streaming.

If the task is easy endurance increases significantly. For instance, in our test of video playback, which plays a local 1080p video until the battery is dead it was found that it took the XPS 17 lasted almost seven hours. However, in daily use however, that MacBook Pro 16-inch is still likely to last longer than it.

I also tested it with the benchmark Basemark 3.0 web benchmark which simulates battery life, while also taxing the CPU with a lot of stress. It was a bit slow. XPS 17 only lasted three hours. This is a low score for a contemporary mainstream laptop and is more comparable to the gaming laptops that are specifically designed for gamers.

Naturally, should choose a smaller resolution screen you’ll need at the very least two hours of additional battery.

Our perspective

In the event that the Dell XPS 17 had been only an XPS 15 with a bigger screen, I’d be awed. But if you’re after absolute performance, there’s now a new king of the town and it’s not as big as you imagine.

It’s not inexpensive, and the battery lifespan is a disappointment. If you’re looking for an elegant professional laptop that will perform well in heavy use then it’s the Dell XPS 17 is the full package.

Are there alternatives?

MacBook Pro 16-inch MacBook Pro 16-inch is this laptop’s most powerful rival. It’s more expensive, however, it’s not the same graphics power.

The Razer Blade Pro 17 represents a serious challenge in the direction of the XPS 17. The latest model has the identical eight-core Intel processor, however, it is able to be set up to the Nvidia RTX2080 Super Max-Q graphic card. The model also features a more responsive screen with a refresh rate of 300Hz to ensure smoother gaming. It’s the Razer Blade Pro 17 model is bigger and heavier and is only available with a screen that is 4K that starts at a staggering $3,800.

Finally, Dell’s XPS 15 should be considered as an alternative. It’s less expensive and lighter, but it also has better battery longevity and is extremely robust.

How long is it expected to last?

It’s Dell XPS 17 should last at least five years. It’s an extremely well-constructed and powerful laptop. You can also upgrade the storage or memory down in the future if you’re required to. It comes with a 1-year warranty, however, Dell provides extended accidental damage repair or premium support for hardware up for a period of four years.

Should you purchase it?

Yes. It is true. Dell XPS 17 is an exceptionally powerful laptop that is suitable for content creators.

$1,421 FROM DELL

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