In 2012, when I first started using Android apps in addition to playing Android games on my Windows PC there were not many Android emulators to pick from.

In 2021, this is the complete opposite of the present. There are more than 30 Android emulators that are available to Windows 10 OS and Mac OS.

If you’re not an expert, it’s really difficult to select the right option to meet your requirements.

To provide you with the most effective advice, I’ve chosen to try a few of these Android emulators on my own. In order to ensure that you don’t have to waste time and energy downloading and installing these Android emulators.

After trying the simulators for days I’ve come to what I believe to be the best solution.

I’ve tested over twenty Android emulators with my Windows PC and most of all of them weren’t very excellent. But there are some impressive Android emulators which we can use to play games or to use any of our most loved Android apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other Android App. Below is the list of the best Android emulators available for PC.

The main differences are in the top Android emulators.

#Best OverallBest for GamingBEST for DEVELOPERSLIGHTWEIGHT
NameBluestacksGameloopAndroid StudioYouwave
LinkDownload BluestacksDownload GameloopDownloadDownload
PlatformWindows & MacWindows OSWindows OSWindows OS

When installing any Android emulator, it’s the most essential aspect you need to know.

The majority of the great Android emulators consume a significant amount of your PC’s resources which makes multitasking difficult. Particularly, if you have a PC with an extremely low configuration such as an i5 processor or 8GB RAM.

Even if you own the lowest configuration of a laptop or PC, you can still make use of these emulators, but the catch is that the emulators be more effective if you close all other software.

After you’ve tried one or these Android emulators for PC, make sure to let us know which you prefer and the app that you most frequently use.

Without further delay let’s look at the top 10 Android emulators that work with Windows 10 PC and Mac.

1. Bluestacks – The Most Popular Android Emulator

Bluestacks Android Emulator is probably the best emulator in order to play Android Apps on MAC or Windows 10 PC. The performance of Bluestacks is exceptional. You’ll experience unparalleled Android performance using this emulator. Bluestacks Emulator Install Screen and Demo Laptop

Bluestacks is simple to set up and operate. Bluestacks’ User Interface is very excellent. Even a child in third grade can play with the Bluestacks emulator with no instruction. It doesn’t need any virtualization It is also simple for you to play Android games on Windows PC using BlueStacks Android Emulator.

The excellent efficiency and experience offered by Bluestacks have a downside. Bluestacks can slow down a lot of PCs and Laptops dramatically.

We have to install various Apps every day in order to keep making use of Bluestacks for no cost. This is the most annoying thing concerning Bluestacks app Player.


2. Nox App Player – Great Android emulator for macOS

Nox App Player Android Emulator is ideal for gamers. If you’re looking to experience Android games using Windows 10 PC, then you can make use of Nox App Player.

It is possible to control and play games with the mouse and keyboard. Because of its performance, many people use the device to try out their Android games.

It is packed with interesting features such as the ability to hide or show roots. It comes with keyboard mapping, which allows you to utilize a keyboard when you need to move your mouse around when playing games.

  • It is available for both Windows and MAC.
  • Price is: Free


Nox Player comes with integrated GPS control settings, via it you are able to play GPS related games like Pokemon in Nox Player within Windows OS. Gameloop Emulator User Interface. Setting up PUBG Mobile on Gameloop

3. Gameloop – Great Android Emulator for Gaming

Gameloop was launched less than one year ago but the emulator became extremely well-known in a short period of time.

  • If you’re looking to experience Android games, then take a look at Gameloop. Gameloop is the most reliable emulator for playing games on PC at no cost.
  • As of right now, this has the status of being second in popularity for Android emulator for Windows PC with over 400 million installs.
  • The reason that this emulator gained so much acclaim within a short amount of time is due to the fact that it was designed through Tencent. Tencent company.

If you aren’t aware of the Tencent company, then be aware that it’s the same company responsible for creating some of the most thrilling games available on Android phones, which is PUBG as well as Call of Duty Mobile.

The official Android emulator that allows you to play the PUBG as well as of Duty of Duty games on Windows 10 PC

If you’re looking to play just Android games with the Windows 10 PC then this is the sole Android emulator you’ll use. There is nothing compared with that of the Gameloop emulator.

In terms of Android game performance for the Windows 10 PC, Gameloop is the most effective.

The only issue with the Gameloop emulator is it’s not compatible with Mac devices. Additionally, it does not support Android games. It does not support other Android Apps as BlueStacks does. It is possible to download Gameloop at no cost by following the download link provided below.

  • Price Cost: Free
  • Platforms Available: Windows 10


4. MEmu Android Emulator

  • MEmu is another interesting Android emulator that works with Windows 10 laptops.
  • The most recent release of Memu Player supports Android Nougat and works with AMD and Intel Chipsets.
  • It comes with a variety of options, including root access. If you’re looking for gaming and productivity, MEmu is the best choice. MEmu android emulator could be selected.
  • Memu provides a no-cost emulator.
  • Memu emulator isn’t available to Mac OS devices.

MEMU TO DOWNLOAD Simulating Android OS on Android Studio

5. Android Studio – No 1. Android emulator to assist in Testing Apps

  • If you’re just beginning to learn about Android emulators, at first you must install this Official Emulator.
  • The HTML0 emulator is an official Android emulator that was released by Google to test Apps in various Android versions.
  • The format is suggested to Android App developers.
  • Developers are able to choose from 100 phones to imitate and test how the App functions on various phones.
  • It includes a comprehensive manual and manual to make it simple to use and you should definitely take a look.
  • Remember that the installation is Android Studio very complex and I would only recommend it for Android Developers, not regular users.


6. Andy OS – Android emulator for low-end PCs

Android Andy OS is another distinct emulator that runs on a PC. It’s unique in comparison with other Android emulators due to its distinct features.

It lets you make use of your smartphone as a remote controller to play games. With your desktop browser, you can download apps directly within Android Andy OS Emulator. The emulator will require Virtualbox for installation on your computer.


7. YouWave – A Great Choice for Windows 7

  • YouWave is an additional Android emulator that works with Windows 10 PC. It comes with a variety of amazing features and is the most suitable option to use on Windows 10 PCs. It comes with an easy-to use user interface that has seen a surge in popularity within only a few days.
  • YouWave Android emulator is compatible with every Windows versions. It is compatible with the Android 5.1 Lollipop and has SD Card capability. It is able to rotate dynamically and online multiplayer games.


8. Windroy Emulator

Windroy is believed to be among the top Android Emulators available for Windows because it is based on Windows’ Windows Kernel. It does not require Virtual Box support the same as BlueStacks.

It’s easy and convenient to make use of. You must ensure the route you choose to install Windroy must not contain gaps.


9. GenyMotion -Best Android Emulator for Enterprises

GenyMotion Android emulator for Windows 10 PC comes with a number of useful features, including the OpenGL API as well as support for acceleration via hardware.

It’s a distinct version of BlueStacks due to its distinctive characteristics. It’s speedier when contrasted to BlueStacks since the software is built upon X86 architecture.

Genymotion is an online Android emulator. You can run Genymotion with AWS, GCloud, and other servers. Genymotion is specifically for developers looking for a test of the performance of their Android Apps performance and scaling up problems.

Genymotion’s price to use it in the cloud can be $.05 for each minute. As you can see, it is not a good option for daily usage.


10. Remix OS Player

  • Remix OS Player is the latest Android Emulator by Jade, and includes Marshmallow.
  • It’s simple to install and easy for gaming and productivity.
  • It comes with a sidebar that allows you to modify the settings. It does not provide support for AMD Chipset.


11. Droid4X

  • Droid4X is the light Android emulator that you can run on your PC. This is ideal for those who have old laptops and desktops.
  • It is packed with exciting features. You can test this phone for yourself.
  • It is equipped with Google Play Store already installed and lets you use your keyboard as a controller for playing games.
  • It’s fast and won’t lag in during your games and it’s the perfect option.
  • Droid4x is no longer available from the company that developed it. I would not recommend this emulator to beginners.

12. Jar Of Beans

  • Jar Of Beans is an Android Jelly Beans Android emulator for Windows 8/10/10 PC.
  • It has global priority and is simple to install. You can set the settings however you wish and create an Virtual SD Card.
  • Download apk, and connect them with the jar of Beans.
  • I would not recommend this to the people who have been Android emulators. If you want to try it, the app is available for download.


8. AMIDuos

AMIDuos is among the latest Android emulators that run on Windows 10 PC and is the ideal choice for those who play games. It’s easy to install and comes with an outstanding user interface. It is claimed to be an extremely smooth Android emulator that supports aspects like gaming and productivity as well.

It’s not claimed to be developer-friendly since it does not come with particular configurations for the device, however, for the end-user, it’s perfect to use Android applications for Windows PC.

Note Please note that this Android emulator was removed in the hands of the creators. Therefore, it’s not advisable to use this any longer.

14. Many Android Emulator

  • Numerous Android Emulator is among the less well-known Android emulators.
  • It has support for in-browser browsers and supports all Android versions.
  • If you’re an Android app developer then you can utilize this tool to test your Android app across all versions , without ever leaving it. It’s easy for you to download and install and then test your application.

15. Xamarin

  • The Xamarin Android Emulator is to have an Android emulator when you intend to work with a virtual studio, as it is integrated with this.
  • It also includes Xamarin Studio along with OpenGL support. Xamarin is not a good choice for users who just want to play Android Apps on PC or play Android Games on Windows 10.
  • Xamarin is a tool for those who wish to create Android Games and Applications.

16. LDPlayer – Best Android Emulator for Windows 10

LDplayer has been released recently by XUAN ZHI INTERNATIONAL., LIMITED. The benefit of LDPlayer is that it lets you select your Android OS version. This is why LDPlayer has become a popular choice for a large number of users.

It runs on every version of Windows and is believed to be the most lightweight Android emulator. Android Emulators are available for Mac Free download.


17. KoPlayer

KoPlayer is another top Android emulator on this list. It is the best way for playing the Android game with Windows 10 Laptop. It comes with many options that make KoPlayer distinct in comparison to other Android emulators. You can capture the emulator’s screen during games so that you can capture the shared video of your game. It is also possible to use multiple accounts at the same time.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Android Emulators.

If you’re an Android developer, you can utilize Android emulators in order to try out your Apps to understand what it does.

There are many reasons to make use of Android Emulators. If you’re also searching for Android Emulators that work on Windows 10 PCs or Mac Laptops You’ve come to the right place.

Android Emulators Conclusion

Did you think about taking part in the Android games on Windows computers or MAC? You heard it exactly. It’s not just Android games However, you can play any Android Application on Windows PCs with Android emulators.

Some apps look amazing on your mobile device, and when you use them on the PC is more stunning those Apps can provide you with an unforgettable experience. There are a lot of reasons to install Android emulators for Mac OS laptops or Windows 8/7/10 computers.

Note: The majority of Android Emulators will drain your processor, so I would not recommend running any other program in conjunction with emulators. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any problems.

These are the most popular emulators to use on Mac & PC. If you have something to add, do share it with us via comments.




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