Android emulators are going to most popular because of android apps and games. Now a days everyone use android app on daily basis and mostly people spend their lot of time on playing android games. And when you have a high level of game addiction then you must prefer to play your most favorite game on large screen of desktop and Mac. So we can say playing games is a most common reason of android emulator. Because android emulator is the only option which help user to play any android game on PC Windows and Mac Laptop for free.

Even you can also run all kind of android apps more easily on desktop with the help of android emulator. Now you can find so many android emulator in market but not all work properly according to your requirement. So here we bring top five android emulator for your PC and Mac which are so reliable and easy to use. Go a head with this article for android emulator for pc free download.

What is Android emulator:

Android emulator is an Android Virtual device which help you to run and test your android application on PC. Its allow you to use any of your favorite apps or game more easily on large screen of PC and take advantage of your desktop mouse, hardware keyboard, monitor and other computer peripherals.

How Android Emulator work:

Android emulator is a software which provide your desktop an android platform. Once you able to install any android emulator program on PC and Mac than Google Play Store is appear on your screen and you can download any android app or game direct from Google Play Store. It’s also help you to test your own android apps on PC before launching. Emulators programs are work like the hardware and OS of computers. Number of emulators are available in market.

Are android emulators illegal:

Android emulators are legal to use because they don’t vicious any law and the android operating system is available in an open source format. And using all android apps on PC via emulators are legal. So you can download and run Android emulator without any worried because it is legal, if you use it without unaltered on the operating system.

BlueStacks Android emulator for PC:

bluestacks for pc

Bluestacks is a most reliable android emulator which help you to bring all android apps and games on your PC and Mac Laptop. This emulator is most advance and highly recommended because of its best quality and easy to use. It has great interface and work really well on PC and Mac. If you are game lover then Bluestacks is a best option for you because it’s specially designed for playing android games on desktop. One of the highest performance android emulator simple and easy to use. You can download Bluestacks android emulator for PC from Here.

Bluestacks Main Features:

  • Simple Interface.
  • Highest performance.
  • Best for playing android games.
  • Support Multi-Instance which let you play same game from multiple accounts.
  • Improved Key mapping.
  • Available free and paid version.

Is Bluestacks Safe to use on PC:

Bluestacks is reliable software which is completely safe and secure to use. The purpose of this software is help user to play all android games and run android apps on PC and Mac for free. So you can use Bluestacks android emulator without any hesitation because it is 100% safe.

Nox App Player for PC:

what is Nox: Nox is also one of great android emulator which enables you to run android app on PC and Mac. This emulator helps you to run any android app more easily on your required machine. It is another great android emulator for playing games on android. Nox App Player is customisable and let you control the apps with variety of control choices. They offering joystick or game pad for playing games and also have a map specific actions as well.If you want best gaming result then you can specify the CPU and RAM in setting. You can Download Nox App player for PC from Here.

Main Features:

  • Most reliable and stable.
  • Great Interface.
  • Support variety of control choices.
  • Support joystick, game pad and Map for controlling game.
  • New and improved keyboard system.
  • Highest performance.
  • Best for playing android games on PC and Mac.
  • 100% free for all devices.
  • Easy to root.

Is Nox Player safe to use:

Nox Player is simple and secure android emulator which comes without any systemic problems. You can download this software without any risk and its let you download all android apps on your device without any additional risk. So run Nox App Player without any hesitation.

Andy android emulator For Windows:

Andy is another unique android emulator which give you freedom to play most popular games on PC and Mac Laptop. Now you can run your all favorite communication apps from your desktop with the help of Andy. This emulator turn your device into android and let you download any android app direct from Google Play Store. It’s also allow you to use your phone as remote control while you are playing game on desktop. Very simple design and easy to use android emulator. Because of its unique features and uses everyone would love to install Andy on PC and mac. So download Andy android emulator for PC from Here.

Main Features:

  • Comapatible with PC and Mac Laptop.
  • Provide you unlimited storage capacity.
  • Simple Interface.
  • intuitive keyboard shortcut.
  • Support microphone and camera integration.
  • Use your phone as a remote control.

Is Andy safe to use On PC?

Andy is an android emulator which let you connect your mobile device and desktop together. This software is safe and secure to use because it does not contain any virus or malware. Its help you download all your required app without containing risk.

MEmu Android Emulator for PC:

MEmu is one a best android emulator for playing android games on PC with great experience. It’s a simple and convenient app which support mouse and keyboard to play mobile games on PC. Its help you to use all communication app and watch Live shows and Tv channels as well. MEmu directly open many android emulators windows. Memu App Player download for PC from Here.

Main features:

  • Smart Interface.
  • Support smart key mapping.
  • Joystick and mapping the keyboard.
  • Fast sharing.
  • Business collaboration.
  • Simple design and start in 10 seconds.
  • Support microphone.

GenyMotion Android Emulator:

It is another powerful android emulator simply design and easy to use. This software comes with rich options and let you emulate thousands of android apps on computer. It has great quality and let you enable the geo-location option. This emulator helps you to display your app on computer exactly at the real size. Great emulator provide you great experience. You can download Genymotion on Mac and PC from Here.

Main Features:

  • Fast emulator.
  • Support webcam.
  • Great Interface.
  • Support GPS.
  • Powerful emulator with rich options.
  • Available free and paid version.
  • Compatible with android SDK and android studio.

Is Genymotion safe to use on PC?

This is most advanced and powerful android emulator which help you to use all kind of android apps and games on desktop. All purpose of this emulator is provide your desktop great android experience. It is very reliable app and does not contain any virus. You can download Genymotion without additional risk.