The Best Laptops in 2022

We’ve reviewed and tested more than 500 laptops in the years, and are currently looking for the top of the top. However, to be considered worthy of the title of “best laptop” in 2022, it must include everything: gorgeous design, powerful performance, a dependable keyboard, long-lasting battery and more.

Each laptop that are listed below has been thoroughly vetted regardless of whether it’s a budget Chromebook or a glitzy gaming laptop. Our top pick for the best overall laptop is it’s the Dell the XPS 13 is the one we suggest to the majority of people however, a laptop from the list below will meet your requirements.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

Why you should purchase it: It’s the best all-round laptop that you can purchase in 2022.

Who’s it’s intended meant for? Nearly everyone, except you have a particular need like gaming or editing videos.

Why we selected for Dell XPS 13:

The most powerful laptop of the past few years has had more impact as that of the XPS 13. It was the first laptop to introduce smaller bezels when it was launched in 2015, and it has since been embraced by every device with a screen.

In the most recent version which was updated in 2020, Dell has gone even further. The most recent XPS 13 made the screen bigger by utilizing the 16:10 aspect ratio and also reducing the bezel on the bottom. This results in a bigger screen, without the need for a larger overall laptop. This is a design trend that a lot of laptops are copying.

This update of the Dell XPS 13 also included a bigger keyboard and touchpad, allowing the most of every surface that the device can offer. It’s as efficient and durable as the previous model without sacrificing functionality for appearance. Its XPS 13 starts out with the Core i3-1115G4, which has eightGB of memory, and up to 256GB solid state drive (SSD) and an Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) display. It can also be upgraded to a faster Core i7-1185G7 with that can support 32GB or more of memory, and up the storage capacity to twoTB and an OLED display.

All of it adds up to the most powerful laptop you could purchase. We have recently looked into highly competing rivals such as those of the HP Spectre X360 14 and Razer Book 13 and found an XPS 13 as the top choice.

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Apple MacBook Air M1

Apple MacBook Air M1

The reason you should purchase it: It’s the ideal laptop for students at college and also the most efficient MacBook for 2022.

Who’s it intended for: College students and Apple users.

Why we selected for MacBook Air:

It’s not much more different in appearance, but the most recent MacBook Air is a huge change from the Macs that have been released in recent years. Similar to the most recent MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and MacBook Air, the MacBook Air now runs on Apple’s own silicon, called the M1 chipset. Despite not increasing the cost for the notebook, the M1 chip offers a number of significant positives to MacBook Air, making it the ideal laptop for students at college. Alongside having the chip M1, you are able to add the laptop to have up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of SSD.

The two major improvements that the M1 offers are the battery’s endurance and performance. The older MacBook Air was hamstrung by the slow dual-core processor. It’s not just that the brand new MacBook Air now completely fanless It doesn’t have to compromise speed in order to maintain a lower temperature.

The battery’s life, however it is what makes this laptop the ideal student laptop. It’s a great laptop for all-day use (or several days if you’re low) It’s perfect for coffee shops, classrooms libraries, classrooms, and other places where power is difficult to find.

In reality, it’s not cheap at $999, however the $100 discount available to student makes it the MacBook Aira perfect gift for someone who is heading on to university. There are other great MacBooks like the latest MacBook Pro 14 , and 16, which offer amazing efficiency and performance — but for a much higher cost, making MacBook Air MacBook Air M1 more accessible to the majority of people.

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Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3

The reason you should purchase the following: It’s the most affordable laptop you can purchase today.

Who’s it meant for anyone who is more concerned about functionality and performance rather than fashion.

Why we chose to use Acer Swift 3:

In general, when you shell out approximately $650 for an affordable laptop in 2022 One of the first items you’ll give up is performance. This isn’t the case with Acer Swift 3, the AMD model of Acer Swift 3, which comes with the Ryzen 7 4700U CPU. This is an eight-core processor which can handle the most difficult tasks, and laughs at the mere efficiency work. It’s possible to perform real-time editing of videos with this machine, which is incredible for the money.

There’s also 8GB of RAM, as well as an SSD with 512GB and 512GB SSD, which is a good value. We’re not too thrilled with this display but it’s got to be sacrificed. It’s the Acer Swift 3‘s design and build quality is decent even if it’s not the prettiest laptop on the market.

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Apple MacBook Pro 16

Apple MacBook Pro 16

Why you should get it: It’s the most efficient computer for editing photos as well as edit videos you can purchase.

Who is it intended for People who are creative and require a powerful laptop.

The reason we chose to use Apple MacBook Pro 16:

The MacBook Pro 16 fixes a number of issues with this “Pro” line over the last few years. There is no Touch Bar is gone. A wide range of ports are back. It’s thicker and cooler right now.

But it’s not just an apology concert. The mini-LED screen that runs at 120Hz is the most impressive laptop screen I’ve ever seen, particularly when watching HDR content. M1 Pro and Max M1 Pro as well as the M1 Max are, however provide discrete-level graphics that enhance the amazing effectiveness in the M1. The battery life is awe-inspiring. The 1080p webcam and upgraded speakers are among the best in their class.

The price and performance means that it’s not suitable for everyone, however. The average user won’t need any more features than MacBook Air. If you require a high-performance laptop to create content The MacBook Pro is the best “pro” laptop you can purchase.

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Dell XPS 17

The reason you should purchase the following: It’s a great Windows alternative to the MacBook Pro.

Who’s it’s intended meant for Editors of video who require powerful components and an impressive, stunning display.

Why we selected for Dell XPS 17:

When editing videos, you’ll need ample space to display the outcomes and also the interface of your preferred application. If the laptop you’re working on is instead than a desktop computer You’ll need to be able to perform editing while on the move. This is where laptops with larger screens are a good choice They’re strong and, due to the current trend of thin-bezels, extremely mobile.

The most powerful and efficient of all the laptops to edit video can be found in The Dell XPS 17. Despite having a 17-inch display but the overall dimension of the laptop isn’t any more than your typical 15-inch laptop. It’s due to its tiny bezels that are, of course. It also includes 4 powerful Thunderbolt ports and a huge SD card slot that allows for easy transfers straight through your smartphone.

But it’s the performance that is important in video editing laptops. With the eight-core Core i9 processor and an Nvidia RTX 3060, the Dell XPS 17 is among the most powerful, consumer-grade editing laptops that we’ve tried, ripping through videos exported in Adobe Premiere like nobody’s business. The stunning four-kilopixel display, however, is the last part of the puzzle that is stunning, bright and offers near-perfect color reproduction. You can be confident in the color editing capabilities of this display.

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Razer Blade 14

A top-down image of Razer Blade 14

The reason you should get it: It’s the most powerful gaming laptop you can purchase in 2022.

The reason you should get it: It’s the top gaming laptop that you can purchase in 2022.

Who is it intended for Anyone who wants an excellent laptop that can also play.

Why we chose for Razer Blade 14:

It’s a shame that the Razer Blade 14 feels like it’s not possible. It can even have an RTX 3080 in a slim 14-inch laptop? Yep, that’s right. And it’s done with a pretty impressive performance , too.

There’ll always be the need for larger gaming laptops such as that of Razer Blade 15 or Lenovo Legion 5 Pro however, it’s the Razer Blade 14 still feels like a marvel. The first AMD-based Razer laptop, sporting the super-fast Ryzen 9 5900HX. It also has the 1440p 240Hz screen and ensures that you’re not restricted by the screen. The most impressive thing is that Razer Blade 14 Razer Blade 14 does all this for just less than a hundred dollars that it’s predecessor, the Razer Blade 15.

However, it’s not the most affordable gaming laptop. It’s also not the most robust. However, it is the most complete gaming laptop you can get.

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Google Pixelbook Go

Google Pixelbook Go

Why you should purchase it: It’s the most efficient Chromebook that you can purchase.

Who’s it intended is for students, users who only require basic functionality and anyone who needs an inexpensive laptop to use as a second computer.

The reason we chose for Google Pixelbook Go:

Chromebooks are primarily regarded as low-cost options to Windows PCs There are plenty of great options less than $500. There’s a Pixelbook Go, however. Pixelbook Go, though, is a compelling case for the Chromebook with a little more sophistication. It’s beautiful designed, sturdy constructed, and fun to use.

Due to its light 2.3-pound weight and long battery lifespan, it’s a fantastic alternative for students or anyone who work in the field. Starting at $649 The Google Pixelbook Go is a significant discount over the initial Pixelbook and still retains its top features.

However, you do encounter the normal limitations when using Chrome OS. It’s based on the Google Chrome Web browser. so that you won’t be able to download normal Windows applications. It’s extremely simple and easy to use, , and thanks to the addition of Google Play Store, you are able to fill in the gap in software using Android applications.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 and the Asus Chromebook Flip C436 both offer the Pixelbook Go an opportunity to compete for its money however, in terms of capacity and battery longevity it’s not beaten.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Why you should purchase it: It’s the most powerful 2-in-1 laptop that you can buy.

Who’s it’s intended meant for anyone who wants the flexibility of HTML0 on top of their performance.

The reason we chose to use Surface Pro 8:

The Surface Pro hasn’t changed much throughout the years. However, it was with Surface Pro 8, it got the improvements it merited. With slimmer bezels, a bigger screenand new stylus and Surface Slim Pen 2. Surface Slim Pen 2, the Surface Pro 8 finally feels capable of taking on iPad Pro. iPad Pro for all its worth.

Its Surface Pro 8 even features an impressive 120Hz refresh rate that can be used in conjunction with the large 13.3-inch screen. It’s a stunning display. The keyboard and touchpad that can be detached remain as sturdy as they’ve ever been, while the brand new Slim Pen 2 slot is quite clever.

Windows 11, though, is the main feature. It comes preinstalled. Windows 11 dramatically increases the useability for this Surface Pro 8 as a tablet. Utilizing the device without a keyboard will no longer be a major hassle. While it may not have the tablet app experience like the iPad is equipped with (that is until Android apps start appearing) The Surface Pro 8 is the most accurate representation of a 2-in-1 Windows has ever seen.

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HP Elite Dragonfly G2

HP Elite Dragonfly G2

Why you should purchase it: It’s the most powerful laptop for business you can purchase in 2022.

Who’s it intended for Professionists who require a laptop that won’t cause them to be embarrassed.

The reason we chose to go with HP Elite Dragonfly G2:

Business laptops carry an image of stigma attached to them. They are often thought to must be heavy ugly and packed with clutter. This isn’t the case.

The Elite Dragonfly G2 has everything IT departments require (and you’ll be grateful for) without blocking an incredibly beautiful and contemporary laptop. The ideal user to buy the Dragonfly is someone who carries their work to wherever they go, be it during long journeys or in subways. That’s why the Dragonfly is truly a joy to use as a very portable laptop which can fit onto the tray that you pull down. Intel 11th generation Core processors, along with the business friendly vPro option, come with up 32GB of RAM and twoTB storage space to give you the best effectiveness and efficiency.

Additionally there is that it is also the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is among the first laptops that support 5G that could help when the new standard for faster connectivity rolls out. Also, HP announced two new models of its notebook at CES 2021. They are the Elite Dragonfly G2 and Max, which will upgrading to Tiger Lake CPUs, and include a variety of features that make these laptops more suitable for remote users. We’ll be reviewing the new models, and they’ll probably get this position once we’ve had the chance to look them over.

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Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Why you should purchase this It’s the most powerful laptop you can buy for under $500..

Who’s it for? Students, users who have basic computing requirements

The reason we chose to go with Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5:

A lot of people don’t use their laptops for anything other than social media, browsing the web as well as watching videos and applications for work that are online. A budget Chromebook will do the trick. However, not all Chromebooks less than $500 are equally, however. This Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 outdoes all of its competitors thanks to its speedy Intel Core i3 processor, an impressive 1080p screen and a long battery endurance. It’s also available in an extremely portable device and has a style that won’t offend.

It’s not the perfect laptop The touchpad could be improved, as would the speakers. If your needs in computing aren’t too complex do not spend more than you’re required to for the next laptop. Its Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 will be astonished by how much laptop cash can be.

If you’re in need of an Windows laptop for less than $500 then the 2020 model of the Acer Aspire 5 is an excellent choice but make sure to avoid the 2021 model..

How do we test

You’ve been reading the Laptop reviews. You’ve read our conclusions. You’re now thinking about how we came to these conclusions.

Good question. Reviews can be ambiguous and this can be seen in the varied scores laptops are given from various magazines. The conflicting opinions can lead to purchasing a laptop more difficult in the event that the review’s requirements aren’t clearly stated.

Let us take off the curtain. We’ll go over the benchmarks we utilize to test objectively and the way in which we look at subjective issues. We do not expect everyone to be in agreement with our views, however, we believe that sharing our methodology will help you to determine which laptop suits your needs.

Tips on buying and research

What is the top laptop manufacturer?

The choice of one laptop manufacturer that is the most reliable is quite an issue these days. There is a myriad of great laptops on the market today and they are made by various brands. Keep our feet up to the fire, however, we’ll need to choose Dell as the top of the bunch. Dell is adamant about using the most recent materials to enhance their laptops’ performance and is always developing new, creative designs.

HP is no joke also. HP also makes use of certain unique materials and has made some helpful design decisions, for instance, staying clear of the thin-and-light design trend of incorporating the capacity of batteries.

In terms of reliability and customer service, Apple carries the torch because of its ease of use. Its problems with its latest keyboards have been resolved and MacBooks are now extremely robust. The customer service of Apple is excellent.

What is a laptop that can be a 2-in-1?

A laptop that is 2-in-1 is one that isn’t restricted to the conventional clamshell configuration. It is able to transform from a clamshell to a kind of tablet computer that permits an inking process that is natural and allows for media streaming.

It’s not a new concept it’s been around for a while. Microsoft offered the “Tablet PC” version of Windows from 2001, which supported input from pen but never caught the attention of. Since electronics have become more powerful and can be fitted in smaller sizes as active pen and capacitive touch technology have advanced The modern 2-in-1 has come into existence. Microsoft launched the design with its Surface range in 2012, and the majority of manufacturers followed with their own versions.

Nowadays, you can choose-out from a wide range of types of 2-in-1s. The most popular include the tablet that has an attached keyboard, exemplified in Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and the 360-degree convertible, where the display rotates to become the shape of a (usually bigger) slate.

The primary benefit for the 2-in-1 tablet is its portability Tablets are slim, light, and portable and are ideal for making notes and drawing with the pen-equipped display. The convertible 2-in-1 with 360-degrees of rotation however isn’t as convenient as a tablet, but it’s more effective in laptop-like clamshell modeparticularly when used on the lap where the stability is higher than convertible tablets that can be detached.

What is the best processor to buy?

The most well-known laptops with CPUs in the present are Intel’s 8th-generation Whiskey Lake processors which comprise the Y-series with low power and the fast and effective U-series. For the majority of productivity Windows 10 users, we suggest using at minimum Intel’s Core i5-8265U which is a powerful processor that is able to handle the majority of work-related tasks with no slowdown. It’s also very efficient, so that you’ll get a long life battery. If you choose to go back to earlier versions of Intel processors, you’ll notice slower clock speeds and less cores to work with and you’ll be unable to handle bottlenecks when multitasking or using multi-threaded programs.

Chromebook that run Google’s more powerful Chrome OS can use slower processors, but still function effectively, like an Intel Core i3 or even an Intel Core i3 or Pentium processor. The majority of Chromebooks make use of the most powerful Core i7 CPU.

If you’re in search of an entertainment or content creation laptop, we suggest the 8th-gen model of last year, or the latest ninth-gen ultra-power H-series CPUs. They are available in laptops between the Dell XPS 15 to the Razer Blade 15.

Do I need how much memory? require?

The ideal memory for laptops and desktops is around 8GB. Check out our guide on what amount of RAM I require you’ll need for specifics. In general 8GB should suffice regardless of whether you’re operating Windows, MacOS, or even the less heavy Chrome OS. Additionally, it provides ample headroom to multitask and other demanding programs. If you’re performing the most advanced video editing, photo editing or gaming, we suggest at least 16GB (or greater).

Should I purchase an iPad or a laptop?

Like we said that you can purchase tablets that transform into a laptop simply by connecting an keyboard. So if you need the capabilities from Windows in a size that’s more convenient to transport, you could consider an iPad 2-in-1. With the introduction of Windows 11, it’s now becoming an ideal tablet-specific software platform. If you’re looking for the ultimate in ease and a smaller size you should consider you should consider a pure tablet such as the iPad is a great choice for browsing the web, triaging emails, watching media, as well as other tasks which don’t need the full capabilities of the “real” PC.

What’s the problem? Where can an iPad work? If you’re a serious gaming enthusiast, you’ll need a laptop with the capacity to play video and large photographs, or do many multitasking. Tablets are thin and typically utilize slower CPUs and integrated graphics, which don’t speed up creative apps or power the latest games. In addition, the software available on these devices aren’t as robust as desktop operating systems such as Windows 10 or MacOS.

Do I need my laptop to have USB-C?

The quick answer is yes, you should consider picking the right laptop that has at the very least the USB-C connection. It is the most recent in connectivity that guarantees that you are able to connect to older equipment (via adapters) and be covered for the future devices too. USB-C allows for power, data transfer and display connections. hubs with USB-C can significantly increase the number of peripherals that you can join to your computer.

The good news is the fact that notebooks, including low-cost models, are increasingly equipped with USB-C ports. The more important thing to remember is that you don’t just require USB-C, but also require ports that can support the more robust Thunderbolt four standard. Thunderbolt 4 provides up to 40 gigabits of data per second (Gb/s) on one connection, and 32Gb/s PCIe data transmission more than twice the speed than Thunderbolt 3. It supports multiple 4K displays, as well as additional GPU enclosures that will greatly increase the graphics performance.

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